Four characters taking shape

by Amelia on May 5, 2010

I’ve been sketching four characters, both as drawings, and as personas. It’s a work night, so I won’t go on and on about all four of them, but here’s a quick peek at what they look like so far. More about who they really are later. Only showing three here tho because Karl just isn’t baked enough yet.

First there’s Karen. Very socially oriented, but considered and careful in her choices.

Kevin. Just got to know him last night. He’s pretty friendly too as guys go, but doesn’t have time for too much chit chat. Get to the point already!

Kati is a favorite. Savvy and quick, she sizes up situations and lets everyone know what she thinks. Not in a bad way of course, she’s pretty funny and has a lively social life.

These are some initial sketches for each of them. They’ll be getting into some activities at work and home in future comics. Any suggestions welcome!

(PS. All these are created on the iPad, using Layers Pro. I’m still getting to know the app, but will share some ideas on settings and brushes for most natural effects in coming posts.)


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