Eye on the user: A comic sketch

by Amelia on May 11, 2010

Today I presented plans on user research we’ll be doing. Of course I used a deck (Keynote) to walk people thru it. I had it pretty much all done and realized there was something missing, a picture that showed how everything was supposed to work together: user, design, observers.* But I only had 10 minutes til the presentation.

What to do? IPad to the rescue!

Here’s my 5-minute iPad sketch that summarized and made the other details more approachable.  I sliced it up and animated it so the user came in first, the other details grew up around it and I could tell the story of how important it is to have observer involvement to really see, understand and capture from multiple perspectives. I know, it could use some color… but it got the point across.

* PS: I never would have even realized this picture was missing, much the less thought of sketching it up this quickly for a preso, if I hadn’t seen Dan Roam’s Keynote at the IA Summit.

Done on the iPad, using Adobe Idea. (More on that later. A bit of a pain to export and import to other apps, but nice predictable, smooth line quality.)

User in the middle


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