by Amelia on January 6, 2011

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User comics about sign up challenges

by Amelia on July 13, 2010

Mobile sign up challenges


Detail - Galina registers on the iPhone

I was inspired to create my first user comic by a potentially challenging sign up form we were about to implement. [click to continue…]



Eye on the user: A comic sketch

by Amelia on May 11, 2010

Today I presented plans on user research we’ll be doing. Of course I used a deck (Keynote) to walk people thru it. I had it pretty much all done and realized there was something missing, a picture that showed how everything was supposed to work together: user, design, observers.* But I only had 10 minutes til the presentation.

What to do? IPad to the rescue!

Here’s my 5-minute iPad sketch that summarized and made the other details more approachable.  I sliced it up and animated it so the user came in first, the other details grew up around it and I could tell the story of how important it is to have observer involvement to really see, understand and capture from multiple perspectives. I know, it could use some color… but it got the point across.

* PS: I never would have even realized this picture was missing, much the less thought of sketching it up this quickly for a preso, if I hadn’t seen Dan Roam’s Keynote at the IA Summit.

Done on the iPad, using Adobe Idea. (More on that later. A bit of a pain to export and import to other apps, but nice predictable, smooth line quality.)

User in the middle



iPad drawing apps for comics

by Amelia on May 6, 2010

Sketch for moods of Kevin

I’ve tried four or five apps that you could conceivably think of as drawing or sketching apps for the iPad, all using your finger of course for drawing directly on the surface. These were the most userful:

  • Color&Draw for Children
  • Penultimate
  • Layers Pro
  • Ideate from Effective UI

Read on for quick takes these, and find out which is my favorite for drawing user comics, including angry, happy, and green pastey faces.

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Four characters taking shape

by Amelia on May 5, 2010

I’ve been sketching four characters, both as drawings, and as personas. It’s a work night, so I won’t go on and on about all four of them, but here’s a quick peek at what they look like so far. More about who they really are later. Only showing three here tho because Karl just isn’t baked enough yet.

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Inspiration for this site

by Amelia on May 2, 2010

iPad chatter

iPad chatter

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had opportunities to create some comics to tell user experience stories… usually problematic ones that we’re working on improving. These have always been fun to do and generally well received by audiences, who get the point quickly and also enjoy the format. The characters at design comics (especially Galina, my favorite) made this possible out of the box.  Showing these comic stories seemed to jump over hurdles that might otherwise have resulted in long discussions to resolve differences of opinions.

Then, three weeks ago I saw Dan Roam speak at the IASummit in Phoenix. It was amazing. [click to continue…]



Meet Kati

by Amelia on May 1, 2010